At Chatterbox, we promote friendships. These early friendships help children develop their identity. If someone else is pleased to see you and wants to spend time with you, this influences how you view yourself and how comfortable and happy you feel in a particular environment.

Experiencing friendships is an important part of young children’s social and emotional development and helps to shape their identities. Friendships help establish children’s sense of belonging and security, and particularly during periods of transition, can reduce stress. Since children learn most effectively when relaxed, happy and confident, it is clear that friendships also play a role in supporting young children’s intellectual development and the development of positive dispositions towards learning.

At Chatterbox, we encourage children to extend their friendships but also respect their right to choose their own friends. Playing with friends provide children with the ideal opportunity to develop their personal, social, emotional, communicative and cognitive skills and understandings. While playing with friends, children need to negotiate, compromise and learn to resolve conflicts amicably. 

They also need to share their ideas and communicate effectively with each other.