Developing fine motor skills

Underlying skills are needed to provide a good foundation for fine motor skills, they include the ability to:

  • Maintain a stable, upright position
  • Use both hands together well
  • Co-ordinate eye-hand movements
  • Develop a preferred hand
  • Sequence and maintain rhythm and fluency of movement

Pre writing activities to try with your child

  • Mould playdough into a ball
  • Posting
  • Using pegs on washing line
  • Finger rhymes
  • Peg Boards
  • Using tongs to pick up dried pasta, pompons etc
  • Lacing and threading
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Bead threading
  • Wind up toys
  • Trace tracker
  • Peeling Stickers
  • Spooning items into containers
  • Screwing lids on jars
  • Sorting small items, i.e. shells, buttons, smarties
  • Tooth picks to pick up grapes
  • Zipping
  • Syringes and basters
  • Painting including mini sponges

Please speak to your key person if you wish to borrow any resources from Chatterbox to support any of these activities with your child at home.