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Chatterbox is proud to announce the judgements given by Ofsted during a recent inspection. We are Outstanding in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend. We are Outstanding in contributing to the well-being of children. We are also Outstanding in leadership and management of the early years provision!

Below are some quotes from the report. 

“Educational programmes are exemplary, covering all areas of learning through a diverse range of opportunities that stimulates discovering, imagination and acquisition of new skills.”

“All staff have realistically high expectations for the children in their care and know how to develop their enthusiasm and interests.”

“A comprehensive range of strategies are used to engage parents in their children’s learning and development, supporting highly effective partnerships between parents and staff and rapid progress in children.”

“Leadership and management are exceptionally strong, providing stability in the long-term delivery of high quality education programmes for children.”

“Children are exceedingly well prepared for their move into the pre-school and then onto local primary schools so they remain confident and excited about managing big changes in their routines.”

Chatterbox strives to promote a safe, caring and stimulating environment to ensure children reach their full potential.  We adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.   For a parents’ guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) please click here.  For a summary of the EYFS please click here.

There are important changes to special educational needs legislation from September 2014.  Please click here to view a poster for more information.

Child Protection leaflet for parents.  Please click here.


Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators.  When parents and practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning.

Chatterbox offers a range of flexible start and finish times between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.  To register your child please phone (01794) 278340 and speak to Jess or Lorraine.


Please note our telephone number – 01794 278340

Staff at Halterworth School have been working with the Chatterbox Team to improve transition into school. The latest project has been the development of a song book and CD that can be used at home, at pre-school and at school to support the early learning of phonics sounds. There is a song for every letter of the alphabet and these songs can be sung with young children throughout the day. The local Women’s Institute has knitted an amazing assortment of characters to support the songs and there will be a set of these characters at Chatterbox Pre-school. Evidence shows that children who are introduced to phonics in a fun way at an early stage will find it easier to learn to read when they start formal schooling. Chatterbox have been trialling the songs for the last year with great success and enthusiasm from the children and staff. The song books are available to purchase at a cost of £8 for songbook and CD. Please see Pre-school staff for details.  Alternatively please click here to order online.